MAFAA :: Minnesota Association of Financial Aid Administrators

Policies & Procedures

MAFAA's Policy and Procedure Manual is designed to provide guidance, reference material and historical continuity for the MAFAA Executive Council, Committee Chairpersons and others. The document is stored on the MAFAA Website with public read-only access and restricted update permissions.

The MAFAA Policy and Procedure Manual supplements the Articles of Incorporation (Constitution) and By-laws by:

  • Providing an overview of the Association’s structure
  • Describing the responsibilities of members in leadership positions
  • Describing the major tasks of standing committees
  • Stating the Association’s approved operating policies and procedures

The MAFAA Policy and Procedure Manual is intended to be a living document, routinely undergoing revisions as policies and procedures change. All MAFAA position holders are encouraged to refer regularly to this document. As policies and/or procedures need updating or revisions, changes should be given to the current MAFAA Past-President. The Past-President will be empowered to make procedural changes to the master web-based document without additional approval. The President and/or Executive Council will first approve policy changes before being incorporated into this document.

Statement of Purpose

“The Minnesota Association of Financial Aid Administrators (MAFAA) is an association of professionals committed to the principle that no one should be denied access to higher education for financial reasons.”